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Closed Book (english, paperback)

Efa Fakira(Author)

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Publication Date
November, 2021
About the Book
And the case reopened again!! Years passed, and yet the case was still unsolved. One of the biggest crimes ever done in the history of Bangalore. Now the case has been handed over to Nyra Malik, one of the most fearless and rough Agents of Mumbai. During the investigation, she diverges to a whole different and hidden part of the case as if someone wanders in a maze and reach outs to the queer part of the maze which is the first step to the exit. A single aspect which would solve this case entirely; the segment which initiates and ends with only one name RACHEL ANDRADE. She is the main pawn of the entire game who was somehow connected or linked to the case. A girl who had to witness some dreadful events in her life when she was just six years old. One horrendous incident which turned an innocent girl into a sinful woman. A 27-year-old Rachel Andrade was herself a mystery to one and all.
About Author
Efa Fakira is a blogger and writer. She grew up in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, where she procured her degree in Accounting and Finance. During her first year of college, she started writing blogs on several topics and started her journey as a writer. Closed Book is her first book which is fictional psychological thriller. Efa has also written two short stories, “Train to hell” and “The lady” which are available on Wattpad and her blog.