Reflecting Ripples(english, paperback)
Poetic Biography of Emotions and Experiences

Prem Mohan Lakhotia(Author)
Jen Walls(Preface)

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Publication Date
September, 2020
About the Book
Collection of poems in English which is a Poetic Biography of Emotions and Experiences. This anthology is like a precious addition to the enormous riches of Indo-Anglian literature which has taken by now much deeper roots in Indian soil. The present anthology of poems contains 242 poems inclusive of both bigger and the mini-poems.
About Author
A high profile management professional and a master of management of his times a think tank for leading industry groups of India – more than that! … An erudite and well-loved emeritus professor in the most distinguished Calcutta College … St. Xavier’s - playing the role of life guide for thousands – more than that! … A candid social worker … a Lion-hearted leader (an awarded member of Lions Clubs International) … a wide traveller of the spirit within and beyond national boundaries … a bonding element of his happy family … a hobbyist … a prolific orator, voracious reader, a pensive thinker and writer with command over several languages and dialects … a nameologist – an analyst and advisor of personal names according to the ancient scriptural science of India with classical Sanskrit etymology … a true representative of his native and national life values and culture … a reflective spiritualist – always more than that!