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The Branded Criminal (english, paperback) In Search of Liberation

Yakub Totanawala(Author)

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Publication Date
February, 2022
About the Book
Do you believe in equality? Do you believe in ‘Born Criminals?’ Do you know that over 100 million Indians are treated as ‘Born Criminals’? The British had implemented the inhuman ‘Criminal Tribes Act in 1871. Post-independence, India repealed the act and De-notified over 200 enlisted Tribes branded as Criminal. But their freedom was short-lived as the legislation trapped them in another inhuman act called the ‘Habitual Offender’s Act.’ These tribes continue to be boycotted, oppressed and exploited. And eventually, they survive on crimes. Myriads of attempts and appeals to scrap the barbaric HOA has gone unheard. It’s time for revolution... Vikram Chhara aka Vicky, born at the Chharanagar ghetto at Ahmedabad city, is a courageous man of the Chhara Tribe who excels in crimes. He is manipulated by the political forces to commit atrocious crimes on mankind, the realization of which shatters him. Enraged, Vikram commits flawless murders of his exploiters and escapes to Bangalore. He amasses wealth there, but remains shackled in a deep guilt of his past deeds. His inability to create what he destroyed stifles him. From the phases of oppression, exploitation and crime, Vikram is trapped in the state of guilt. He encounter a young rag picker who unfolds mysteries that are essential for his peace. For peace, Vikram must cross another three phases of redemption, forgiveness and liberation. And to free himself, he must also liberate the oppressed communities. Thus, begins his pursuit of liberation. With his life, family, business, and the oppressed communities at stake, Vikram must stand against the political heavyweights and the cruel society. Will Vikram Chhara find his fre