Ambika Bhardwaj
ICF certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner
Ambika Bhardwaj, AKA, Ruhi is an ICF certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, who also brings Western Tropical Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Breathwork, Ancestral Healing, Tarot, and Somatic Movements into her practice. Her purpose is to work with energy, channelling it through different modalities, helping one gently explore the repressed facets of one’s psyche through the lens of meditation, ancient Indian texts, spirituality, and holistic healing. On her Instagram page, Dastaan-e-Musafir she has collaborated with many brands to articulate their stories, such as Tata Motors, Samsung, Airtel, Godrej, Coca Cola and many more. She’s also conducted seminars and workshops for Delhi University, Symbiosis, Tripoto, AIESEC and more. You can further reach the depth of her ideologies and motivations in her book In Darkness and In Light and her podcast Dastaan-e-Musafirs.