About us
Wisdom word publishing is a publishing platform for authors. We provide them a guiding hand to make their publishing process effortless.
Why to choose Wisdom words publishing?
Wisdom words publishing is one of the leading publishing houses, publishing the quality printed books and e-books in all the genres and in all sizes and types. Unlike other self publishing firms who offer essential publishing services, wisdom words in addition to those essential publishing services also offer the allied services like, managing social media accounts, getting the review for the books etc. All this is handled by the team of professionals who are young, skilled, hi-tech, dedicated and having several years of relevant industry experience. The team constantly strives to make the publishing journey smooth and easy for our authors.
What is the publishing process?
Just handover your hard-worked manuscript and we will give you a professional book within a month. It’s that easy. Everything is on us, like a fine editing, an eye-catching cover and attractively designed interior, with addition to promotion and marketing facility.
In which format do you accept the manuscript?
Basically, we prefer manuscripts in Word format. In case, if you have it in any other format, we don’t reject that either.
If my manuscript has some mistakes like, typing or in sentence making or small grammatical issues, will that be taken care of by you before a book goes to a print?
For this, we suggest you to opt for one of our editing services. Depending upon the editing services chosen, the manuscript is worked upon. And then the correction and the changes will be done, once you approve them and are happy with the changes.
How many copies of a book will you print?
Wisdom words manage inventory services very well. So, be assured about your book copies, there is no chance that the book will ever be out of stock. And if the first edition of the book is completely sold off, then we offer the print on demand facility and the book then goes to digital POD. After the stock of the first edition of the books sold off, it’s a choice of the author, whether he/she wants to print the second edition of the book in a lot, or wants to opt for the POD facility. We have both the ways open.
Who owns and retains the rights of the book?
The book is the output of the author’s hardwork and we are just the facilitator. Hence there is no doubt about who should hold the rights of the book. It will always be you (authors), when it comes to retaining the rights of the books.
What is ISBN?
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and it is 13 digits unique numerical code assigned to a single book. It gives a book an international identity and helps in facilitating sales. ISBN is used in the stock control process by booksellers and librarians. A separate ISBN is assigned to different editions of a book like Paperback, Hardcover and eBook.
What is the procedure to get the ISBN?
For ISBN, application has to be made to Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN. And Wisdom words will get it for you. You don’t have to panic about it. We undertake the entire process to get the ISBN for our author’s book. With that, also make sure to insert the barcode that helps the sellers to scan the ISBN.
What about the profit distribution, how and when it is distributed?
Profits from the sale of books are distributed at month-end in the author’s bank account directly. However, if the author wishes to get the amount credited in other sources like in Paytm wallet or Google Pay, we are also comfortable with that.
What about the post-publishing support?
Wisdom words publishing highly believes in nurturing the human relation and hence doesn’t end the journey with just delivering the published books, but rather goes beyond it. Our team makes sure that our authors never face any issues in after-sales support. Whether it is associated with the transparency in sales report or its about 100 percent royalty payments or it is about addressing the grievances of the authors related to the quality of the printed books. Trust us, the long-term association is our priority and we take it way too seriously.
Will Wisdom Word publishing also create, distribute and promote my eBook, along with the physical book?
Yes…we do, create, promote and distribute the eBooks. But they are to be taken as an add-on service by the authors. The services are available at a minimum charge. The distribution takes place on different platforms like Kindle, Google Play and Kobo, etc.
Will I be provided with the demo of a website?
Yes. Before the website goes live, we will share it with you. And once you are satisfied with it, then only it gets live.
Will the author website be of a single web page or will it be having multiple web pages?
Your author website will consist of a multi-page website.
Will you be working on the content for the author’s website?
Your author website will hold the list of your book(s), other published books, your images, about the book, about the author, reviews, sample chapters and extracts etc. However, there will not be any new content created.
Will I be provided with the video trailer?
Yes, it can be provided with extra charges. Charges will depend upon the specification you require, like a simple video or animated one. You can use it to promote your book on social media pages and websites.
What about the pre-launch buzz?
As per past experience and observation, the best time to promote the book is when the book is listed on the e-commerce site and is available for purchase. As a part of the pre-launch buzz, we do promote the event on social media.
How will you decide the MRP of the book?
MRP is ascertained after considering many factors like, printing and distribution cost of the book. Besides that, the price of a similar book in the same genre with the same page is also considered.
Why is the net receipt received by selling from Wisdom Words publishing is more than the other e-commerce platforms?
The net receipt will always be more if your books get sold from our portal because other e-commerce websites charge 40% to 50% as the distribution fees. Hence the royalty decreases on the other platforms.
What about the guarantee of book sales?
No one can give that guarantee, but we do guarantee to give our complete dedication to make your book reach more and more readers via online and offline distribution mode. Then the purchasing decision lies on the readers.
Is it possible to distribute the book without keeping the prior stock of it?
Yes, you may. We have a POD (Print on Demand) facility for that reference.
I already have my book published and want you to manage the e-commerce for me. Will that be possible?
Yes, we can manage it at ease. We will keep your book in our stock, list it on various e-commerce portals and will manage the orders accordingly. It’s that simple. And the net receipts are paid monthly to the authors after deducting the logistic expenses, e-commerce retailer’s charges and warehousing expenses.
How will I be reported with the sales of my book?
Wisdom words provide a fair monthly sales report to the author.
I am worried about the quality of the book, how do I ensure it?
Your concern about quality is completely justified. But you don’t have to worry at all about it, because our printing process is so standard. We use the printing services of the best printers of India (even the renowned traditional publishers like Penguin and Westland, etc, get their book printed from them). Still, if this doesn’t clear your concerns, we can send you a sample copy of a book published from our publishing house.
What is an eBook?
An eBook or an electronic book is a book whose content is in electronic format. Your book can be viewed on laptops, computers e-readers and mobile phones etc.
Can one ISBN be used for other formats also? Like can I use the ISBN of a paperback book for an eBook?
Well..as per ISBN authorities, each book edition or version should have different ISBNs. So we recommend to not use the Paperback ISBN for an eBook.
How will I be able to track the results of my social media pages?
Wisdom words will provide you with the monthly report of all the activities done and the performances in regards to your social media pages.
Will I also be having access to my social media pages you create?
Yes, you will be provided with the admin access to your social media page. You can create any new post or can edit the post. You can work on your own way over your social media pages, apart from what we do.
Could you please suggest the best social media platforms which can help me in establishing myself as an author brand?
Currently, the best social media platforms that can help you in establishing the author’s brand are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Which all social media platforms are you active on?
Wisdom Words publishing is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I want my superior author fan page to yield me with good numbers of book sales. Could you guarantee that?
We use all of the best organic resources to handle your fan page and build the audience. Based on past experiences, our activities have resulted in wonderful results. However, there is no direct link between the excellent fan page and book sales and hence we can only commit to enable your book to more and more readers with our best marketing activities. Whether to purchase or not purchase the book is the reader’s choice.
How will Twitter be used as a marketing service?
We use Twitter for building a fan-base of readers, tweeting about the book and about the authors. Besides that, we also use Twitter to interact with the fans.
How and when I will be reported with the sales report?
The sales report is sent via email at the end of every month.
How and when I will be receiving royalty?
The royalty is paid in the bank account directly on a quarterly basis.
What kind of proposals do you entertain?
Wisdom words accept and entertain all the fiction and non-fiction writings in English, Hindi and other regional languages.
167, Jagdamba Nagar Harnathpura
Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur. Rj.