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Dr.Vijayalakshmi Aluri

(English, Paperback)
About the book
Are you fed up of reading mere imaginative and mock stories? Are You Passionate To Have A Fresh Experience Of The Intense True Stories With Different Dimensions Of Life? Do you want To read the stories of women who are victims of poverty and patriarchy? Do you want to get inspired by the Empowered and Courageous women who stood up against all odds? Then proceed To Read these real life stories These poignant stories, from the pen of a compassionate doctor, hold a mirror to present-day society. The stories deal with themes ranging from incest to the trials and tribulations faced by the voiceless underprivileged to the present day horrifying situation the world is in, due to the epidemic, and particularly the alarming medical crisis our country is faced with. Despite the horrifying circumstances which could plunge any person into the depths of despair, the resilience, tenacity and strength of character displayed by the protagonist of “The Inferno”, one of the stories, is no less than a beacon of light and an inspiration to the many unfortunate women. Yet another story portrays the plight of the unlettered voiceless and disadvantaged people bringing to light the inequitable society we live in. The story, “Battlefield”, provides readers with a gallery view of the happenings occurring at a frenetic pace in a hospital. Furthermore, the practical problems faced by the Frontline workers, tasked with handling Covid cases, is shown from a human perspective.
Dr. Vijayalakshmi Aluri, hailing from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, India, embarked on a remarkable journey of service and achievement. Dr Aluri commenced her professional career as Ob.Gy. Specialist in 1971 and conducted an impressive 22,000 deliveries, exemplifying her dedication to women's healthcare. Notably, around 500 of these deliveries, including caesarean sections, were provided free of charge, demonstrating her commitment to provide compassionate medical care to the poor women. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Aluri stands as a towering figure in contemporary literature, celebrated for her prolific and multifaceted contributions to both fiction and health education. With over 150 enchanting short stories and four evocative novels to her name, Dr. Aluri has captivated readers with her profound insights into the human experience. Dr. Aluri's literary achievements have not gone unnoticed; she received many Awards, her stories have garnered prestigious prizes, Her stories were also broadcasted on All India Radio, captivating listeners across the nation. Her translations of world famous health education books into Telugu have empowered countless individuals, making crucial knowledge accessible to a wider audience. Dr. Aluri self-published fiction works, "The War" and "Battlefield," which transport readers into immersive worlds filled with compassion, emotion and universal values and impactful health education books for women on Amazon. Her dedication to promoting health education extends beyond writing; Dr. Aluri's efforts have led to the distribution of 100,000 copies of her book, "Adolescent girls' health" to schools and organizations, positively impacting the lives of young girls across communities. Recognized in Central Literary Academy’s publications, "Who's Who of Indian Writers" and "Who's Who of Indian Translators," Dr. Vijayalakshmi Aluri continues to shape the intellectual landscape with her insightful prose. Through her captivating storytelling and commitment to empowerment, Dr. Aluri's literary legacy will endure for generations, inspiring readers worldwide to embrace knowledge, empathy, and personal growth
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8 x 5 inches
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