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Dusty Memories… Unfinished book cover

Dusty Memories… Unfinished An Odyssey Through Nuances of Unrequited Love

Anand Ahuja

(English, Paperback)
About the book
This anthology of romantic poetry for her has songs about the pain of unrequited love, memories of the elusive beloved, nostalgia, of a universe created by the passionate heart from incomplete yet un-withered unreciprocated love. Have you ever felt emotionally connected to someone so strongly that your heart is no more yours, your life is no more yours, you cease to be the centre of your own life, and your love takes the prime pedestal? Have you ever felt the need to express your overwhelmed heart’s feelings, the urge to find meaning to unrequited love, to bridge your deepest feelings and your highest desires and manifest to the world the profundity of your love? A life’s journey of love without reciprocal terminates in dissolving the self into consciousness. A brief and fragrant life, with love and pain, desire and grief, longing and rejoice is more meaningful than an insipid long life of nothingness. So, pick your copy of ‘DUSTY MEMORIES… UNLIMITED’ and explore with Anand, the romantic world of a loving heart and a pining soul – a grateful life well lived in love without a tinge of negativity.
About author
Anand Ahuja lives along with his parents in Gujarat, India and is an interventional cardiologist by profession, thereby truly claiming ‘matters of heart’ as both, his passion and profession. An avid reader and reflective thinker; it is travel and adventure, both worldly and abstract, that drive him. Happy go lucky, simple, cheerful, inquisitive and sensitive – is how you’d find him on a usual day. Child-like in mind and youthful in body, it’s the unconventional that excite him. Apart from the practice of medicine and the art of creative writing, his other passions include motivational talks, sketching, storytelling, solo travelling, conceptual thinking and debating, etc. Wonder, wander, love, care, reflect can be termed his mantras to life. Apart from romantic poetry, he also writes thriller short stories with the same zeal. He as such connects to every single heart that cares, feels or thinks. To explore more and palpate the strings of his heart, do connect with him at – Website: Email:; Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: booksandstories Twitter: dranandahuja LinkedIn: Anand Ahuja
Book Details
8.5 x 5.5 inches
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