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Pathways to Success and Excellence book cover

Pathways to Success and Excellence 16 True Inspirational Stories

Kiran Kumar Singh

(English, Paperback)
About the book
The book comprises sixteen compelling true stories, aiming to inspire the youth and shed light on India's educational evolution in the 20th century. Among them, nine narratives highlight individuals who triumphed through talent and determination, achieving excellence in various fields. One tale showcases a once illiterate woman who mastered classical Indian and Western music, eventually becoming a respected music teacher and All India Radio performer. Another portrays a woman who, despite being only Inter pass at marriage, pursued higher education while balancing familial responsibilities, retiring as a prestigious college's head of postgraduate education. Two stories spotlight rural individuals who overcame adversity to become esteemed educationists, serving as vice-chancellors. Additionally, the book features a dedicated researcher, a devoted social worker, and a police officer who, with integrity, rose to the rank of DG of police in Uttar Pradesh. There's also the inspiring journey of a doctor-athlete who, despite sacrificing Olympic aspirations for medicine, reached the pinnacle of the Indian Army's medical service, receiving the highest peacetime honor and serving as the President's honorary physician. Moreover, the book includes the author's educational odyssey across IITs, tales of familial dedication to education in New Delhi and the USA, and narratives chronicling innovative educational development between the 1930s and the mid-1970s. These stories serve as guiding lights for educational institutions, influencing significant shifts in Indian university education.
Received his school education in St Anthony School, Agra, St Columba's School, New Delhi and St Peter's School, Agra. Pursued college and higher education at the Balwant Rajput College Agra, Indian Intitute of Technology, Kharagpur and the University of Missouri USA. Conducted research and teaching at the University of Roorkee/ IIT Rookee. He retired from IIT Roorkee as a Professor after forty years. Today he is settled with his younger son in Noida. He is a life member of the Indian a Association For Science Fiction Studies, Bangalore and has made some science fiction presentations for their conferences. He has written two science fiction novels for children and adults, one biograpghy of an Indian educationist and a collection of true, inspiring short stories about individuals and institutions. On the 23rd of February he was given the 'Lifetime Achievement Award for 2023' by the ICI, Uttarakhand Center at Roorkee. He is planning to publish a collection of short stories covering romance, humor, suspense and science fiction. His third scifi novel is on the verge of completion. He also spends much of his time reading.
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8.5 x 5.5 inches
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