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RAM’S ODYSSEY book cover


Sunil Girotra, Surinder Kumar Bhatia

(English, Paperback)
About the book
Experience the transformative journey of "RAM’S ODYSSEY- UNRAVELING VALMIKI’S SAGA," a timeless exploration that bridges the ancient wisdom of the Ramayan with the modern world. This captivating narrative pays homage to sage Valmiki's original masterpiece, inviting readers of all ages to connect with the profound odyssey of Ram. Ram's life, intricately woven with threads of duty, virtue, and righteousness, serves as a guiding light through life's dilemmas. From the celestial grandeur of his divine birth to the humbling experiences of his humanity, every aspect of Ram's existence encapsulates principles as relevant today as they were eons ago. In sync with the epic's cadence, this narrative mirrors the journey of every human soul. It reveals essential truths of human conduct, unraveling the complexities of familial bonds, statecraft, and the eternal conflict between good and evil. Ram emerges not only as a paragon of virtue but also as a formidable warrior, a wise leader, and a compassionate being whose actions have left an indelible mark on the sands of time. For the inquisitive minds seeking guidance, for the guardians nurturing the next generation, and for the venerable individuals passing down a legacy of values, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom. It reinforces life lessons learned from Ram's choices—choices that shaped an ideal society, fostered noble alliances, and established the triumphant Ram Rajya. "RAM’S ODYSSEY- UNRAVELING VALMIKI’S SAGA" transcends a mere retelling of an epic; it breathes life into the very essence of Dharma, fortifying the foundation of righteous living. As you delve into its pages, immerse yourself in a tale cherished for millennia, and allow it to guide you towards a life of purpose and Dharma.
Distinguished authors Surinder Kumar Bhatia, Sunil Girotra, and Brij Bhushan Khattar, retired senior bankers with a wealth of experience, have previously co-authored two books—Indian Banking Ecosystem and The Basics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law of India. Beyond their accomplished careers, they passionately engage in financial literacy initiatives and various social activities. Their extensive nationwide exposure and interactions with diverse communities have fueled their commitment to disseminate financial knowledge among the younger generation. Additionally, these authors are dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage and values of India. Their latest masterpiece, “Ram’s Odyssey - Unraveling Valmiki’s Saga,” stands as a testament to their multifaceted endeavors in the realms of literature, finance, and cultural preservation.
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8.5 x 5.5 inches
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