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Unsung Melodies book cover

Unsung Melodies

Alwin Pavan G

(English, Paperback)
About the book
he collection of poems published in this book titled; “Unsung Melodies” by the young and budding poet, Alwin Pavan captures the essence of life in its purest and wildest form. The little book exhibits multitudes of life, miniature of memories and vivid thoughts of art in a rather subtle and sensorial way. The book collectively represents diverse thematic concerns ranging from his insights into disparate issues of life and the world to one’s figment of imaginations. The poems encapsulates author’s mastery in poetic art and his brilliance in poetic technique in trying to portray his mind through memories of suffering, love, joy, strength, passion, pain, relationship, death, religion, nature, trauma, war, flower, bird, animal, and so on. These poems are culmination of emotions entrapped in its deepest sense; finding its passage through writing by exploration of self of author by digging deeper into different strands of meanings. The author’s record of thoughts and feelings in the poems are intertwined with his past memories which are full of intensity towards life which in turn not only mesmerizes readers but also inspires them towards poetry.
Alwin Pavan G was born on 12 January 1996 in Hassan Karnataka . He is currently working as Assistant Professor of English in Christ Degree college Mysuru which is led by CMI fathers . He initially worked as Assistant Professor in St. Philomena’s degree college Mysuru,St Thomas CBSC as a Lecturer and worked in Gopalaswami as Lecturer . He has completed Bachelor’s Degree in English with first class and holds distinction in Masters Degree in English in St. Philomena’s College Mysuru . His achievements includes his paper presentation in national and international seminar “ Identity crisis in Arrow of God”, “ The Peasant Insurgency in Kusumabale” in national symposium Dindigul Tamil Nadu and he published it . He is an active participant and attended several national and international symposiums like “ E.M Foster Revisited” Gods Guns and Globalism, Critical theories today and tomorrow” and attended national symposium on N.E.P 2020 “ The Regulatory, Architecture of school Education.” He took active participation in national level poetry competition thrice and he published few his poetry on Q-pinch and Poetizer App , he has co-authored in “ His Divine Creation” with ISBN -93545223014. He is a passionate writer and poet of the contemporary era . His poems echo the problems of the marginals in the society. When it comes to Alwin as a friend and a colleague it reminds me the sense of humour he does even at the worst situation, whenever a task is assigned to him he just see the outcome with smart way . His ideas are always society oriented and in connection to human beings. He is passionate in teaching and has a strong leadership qualities. He does things in easy way never mind to any of the obstacles on his way . I remember his straight forward nature which is appreciated by most of the people . Over all he is a workaholic and dynamic . It was my immense pleasure to write about him as a colleague, friend and a sisterly figure .
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8.5 x 5.5 inches
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