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Within A Million Lights book cover

Within A Million Lights The Emergence

Prekshita Singh Tanwar

(English, Paperback)
About the book
Within a Million Lights is a poetry series about an idea-based narrative of interpreting the very elements of our existence, ranging from The Universe and Nature to humanity’s core concepts. These poems have an intuitive and inseparable bond with each other. They thematically and narratively display the ideas, concepts, and patterns of our vast world. These poems are divided into 7 sections and 2 volumes. Within a Million Lights: The Emergence shows the initiation of humanity’s philosophical evolution, which is deeply connected with the metaphysical interpretation of the universe. The Emergence displays the fundamental patterns shown in humanity’s development and sets the stage for the deterioration and its aftereffects. This collection does not possess any linear timeline, rather it highlights the prominent ideas of a particular phase. However, this does not mean that only a specific pattern resides in a section alone. All the observations and insights of any particular part of the collection are visible in all time periods, this is simply an idea-based division of the poems. This volume consists of the first three sections. The Macrocosm is our entire universe, made up of the various concrete surroundings and the underlying philosophical ideas. This section also signifies the relationship between nature’s elements and human attributes. The Form moves onto humans. This section mainly explores the core similarities we all have and how they exist as fundamental rules of humanity. A connection between ourselves and the cosmos is seen. The Discrepancy showcases the various problems of our world and hints that the connection of our inner world, with the universe, has weakened.
Prekshita Singh Tanwar is a 14 year old high school student and author of poetry anthology series Within a Million Lights. The first instalment, The Emergence attempts to understand the connectivity between the universe and humanity, but outlining the broader points of our instinctive complexities. Her works have a philosophical insight added to the nuanced, youthful undertones. An observer of human dynamics from a young age and her evolution into a quietly powerful author is reflected upon by the thoughts she attempts to evoke in the minds of people. Prekshita has shown a deep interest in expanding her knowledge and perspective, be it with reading books or with intellectual conversations. When not writing, she can be seen enjoying science fiction and psychological thriller films, which appears to be at odds with her love for classical music.
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9 x 6 inches
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