53 Glimpse of Romance(english, paperback)

Prof. Sri Aishwarya Balu(Author)

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Product details
5x5 inch
Publication Date
April, 2021
About the Book
Hey Readers, This is a kick of anybody who needs a glimpse corner of How the cup of madness be expressed in each other’s personal love filled voyage. Be the bag in someone’s voyage until the barrage
About Author
Aishwarya Balu is a 24 yrs old Engineer, professor, anchor, script writer and enthusiastic Reader. Her thoughts of wisdom and guidance spirited from his father who is also author, resource person and we’ll known educationalist of this state. Yet she always has the thirst filled favors to digest the readers throughout this world by her script forms in different aspects of life. She is also a courageous self rider to get this world knew that the books are not only the books they are the experience travellgram with supporting backbone for one another in this World.