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Kicks of Nostalgia (english, paperback) Feel Happily Fired With Shots of College Anecdotes

Vijay Bisht ‘Pahadi’(Author)

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Publication Date
April, 2021
About the Book
What it feels like when we get hit by memories of our college days. For many, school and college days may seem almost a lifetime ago. 'Kicks of Nostalgia’ is a spellbinding treasure of fun-filled anecdotes from the life of a college-going teenager of a small town. It contains the episodes of his struggle for an admission in the premier institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, confronting ragging there, bizarre hostel life, gelling with his mind-numbing classmates and game-mates, first glance at charming girls clad in mini-skirts and heart titillating moments at the pool, cocktail of study and physicality, facing punishments, junketing of sports rivalries, stepping into adulthood, first shave, first booze, sneaking out for movies, jungle camping and many more escapades. Parallel to all this fun & pun runs a twisty & tangy tale of love between an outstanding junior boy and an exceptional senior girl encircling the events and episodes. Kicks of Nostalgia will make you stroll in the wilderness of memories of your enchanting student life.
About Author
Vijay Bahadur Singh Bisht aka Pahadi, an Associate Professor (Physical Education), is a football fanatic soul from the batch of 1991-94 of LNIPE, Gwalior. 'Kicks of Nostalgia’ is his unanticipated maiden writing venture. Contact: