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Sukhan (hindi & english, paperback)

When I started writing I never thought of writing a book! But, slowly and gradually as the things have changed in my life and have moulded me into a person of reason, characteristic and someone who loves metaphors I thought to let’s just cover my growth as a compilation so that if I look back at it, I would be assured of how bad a writer I was. I kept the name as SUKHAN, which means poetry/speech/language/words, because after reading my words, you will convert it into your level of understanding or interpretation which will then acquire a whole new meaning and hence you own an interpretation! These are not mere ‘words’ , ‘poems’, or any other tags, these are the stories of what a writer feels when he sees the world.(Preface)

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Publication Date
September, 2021
hindi & english
About the Book
SUKHAN, means poetry/language/speech/words. The book basically entails us to observe the little details around us and to form a rhythm out of them. By reading this book you will find how each particle is eager to contribute to the music of the universe and focuses on the present soul which is within us, even when we walk alone in a deserted forest.
About Author
SAHIL GERA, 17, is a young poet who loves to create his own skies driven from his colour palettes and his characters ; trying to give a message that we all are in a story, still carrying each story of our own. It’s his first book, and the first step towards something more rhythmic.