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What's the Gist of Life (english, paperback)

Anandita Sharma(Author)

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Publication Date
May, 2022
About the Book
Who am I? Where do I belong? When do I feel fulfilled? Have you ever thought of using your gifts to contribute to the world? What is life to you? For me, life is a unique game which doesn’t come with a blueprint. Human life is the highest form of nature, where thoughts, qualities and feelings play an important role. ‘What’s the Gist of Life’ helps you explore your thoughts, dive deep into your soul and helps usher your magic because when two roads diverge in a yellow wood, you need to choose on which one would you build a Hollywood.
About Author
People say that I am a fanatical but in reality, I am a tiny girl with a creative mind. I was born in Indore, India & brought up in Dubai, UAE, I am a food & nature enthusiast. Where murder mystery makes me a bibliophile, poetry is my form of expression. I love to cook, meditate & create cross-cultural experiences. I am a travel blogger: writer, photographer & social media marketer.